These Sounds Define Romance Films

When you have a fantastic film score, the music elevates the movie’s best moments without providing a distraction. People want to see the story unfold while feeling an emotional connection to the characters.

Words alone don’t always create the ties that bind an audience to the narrative in a romance film. That’s when music fills in the gaps to delight, captivate, or move someone to tears. 

The music doesn’t need to be subtle to be effective. In La La Land, energized music through hybrid songs delivers an engaging experience for the audience. The composition builds to the end, where the emotional power provides a one-two punch through music to the viewer.

What Are the Best Movie Love Songs of All Time?

Some romance films have a soundtrack that defines the emotions of the movie. If you’ve heard any of the following songs before, you can probably associate it with the experience you had when matching the events play out. 

1. I Will Always Love You

This song is the main addition to the soundtrack for The Bodyguard, which starred Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston. The original piece was performed by Dolly Parton.

2. Kiss from a Rose

Even though Batman Forever isn’t what you’d think of first as a romance movie, this soundtrack was initially meant to play over a love scene in the film. It was written in 1987, but Seal was embarrassed by the composition. It “sat in a corner” for almost a decade.

3. She’s Like the Wind

Patrick Swayze wrote this romance film song for a different movie. It would eventually become the signature piece for Dirty Dancing

4. Take My Breath Away

This power ballad helped Top Gun turn into something closer to a romance film from a straight action movie. It won a Golden Globe and an Oscar in 1986 for being the best song.

5. Iris

This song came to define the 1990s for many teens. It was used in the 1998 movie City of Angels, starring Meg Ryan and Nicolas Cage. 

What are some of your favorite sounds and songs from romance films?