Most Renowned College Marching Bands 

When you watch college sports, the halftime show is often dominated by the institution’s marching band. These instrumentalists might as well be professional athletes! The time it takes to learn a physical routine while playing an instrument is incredible.

If you ever get to see one of the most renowned college marching bands in person, take the opportunity to do so. This list is a great place to start making those plans!

List of the Best College Marching Bands to See

1. Ohio State University Marching Band

The traditions of this marching band are over 80 years old. Even people unfamiliar with this group have likely heard of the expression of “dotting the I.” Their outstanding drill always puts them above the rest, especially when they moonwalk across the field.

2. University of Michigan Marching Band

This band has several notable firsts. They were the first in their conference to perform at the Super Bowl,  the first to be at the Rose Bowl, and they were the first marching band to win the Sudler Trophy. 

3. University of Wisconsin Marching Band

The Badgers put on a memorable performance wherever they happen to play. You’ll catch them at the halftime of most home football games, but they also travel a lot. The group takes an athletic approach to their displays with many traditional themes. 

4. University of Texas Longhorn Band

With nearly 400 members, it’s tough to ignore what this group delivers. They perform more classical tunes, emphasizing pride and tradition over modern gimmicks.

5. University of Tennessee Pride of the Southland Band

With over 110 years of history behind each performance, it’s hard to believe the group started with only cornets. They’ve performed at every inauguration since 1965 except for the one in 2013.