5 Books About Famous Composers

When you want to spend an evening with a good book, you can feast on a title that features one of today’s most famous composers.

Although you can find several titles on Bach, Mozart, and the other classical greats, these underrated books deserve your attention!

1. The Noise of Time

This book takes us into the life of Dmitri Shostakovich. He was a Soviet composer who developed unique harmonic languages while dodging what would inevitably be global fame. It’s a riveting story that shows how we can all survive.

2. Vivaldi’s Virgins

With this book, you’ll follow the story of a talented orphan who learned how to play the violin. You see him as an ally, a father figure, and a potential antagonist when you meet Vivaldi. Although the work is fiction, it’s still an emotional read that you’ll enjoy.

3. Gerontius

In this tale, you’ll discover more about what we know about the British composer Edward Elgar. He loved rivers, telling puns, and putting his emotions into his music. After his wife passed away, he took a six-week trip to the Amazon to find himself. That’s where this book begins.

4. Sleeping with Schubert

This fictional tale finds a young woman becoming possessed by the ghost of Schubert. This “partnership” causes her to become an overnight musical sensation. As the story progresses, her composition work delivers profound results. It’s a straightforward story that still hits the right entertainment buttons.

5. Conversations with Beethoven

This book delivers a chronicle of the famous composer’s last few months with us. It’s depicted as an imaginary conversation with the people around him. You start strong with the attempted suicide of his nephew before meeting family and acquaintances. It’s a picture of paranoia, joy, and painful single-mindedness.

These books, either in fact or fiction, deliver outstanding results that everyone can appreciate.