5 Hardest Instruments to Master

It can be a rewarding experience to play an instrument. Some people also find it to be an impossible task. 

Some instruments are more challenging to learn than others. If you want to master one, it can take up to 10,000 hours of practice!

Here are some of the hardest instruments to play—ones you might consider avoiding if you want to pick up something quickly.

1. French Horn

This instrument has the same fingerings as the trumpet, but it also requires the highest partial of the brass instrument group. That makes it easier to miss notes.

2. Violin

It takes a lot of precision and concentration to master this stringed instrument. The size takes some getting used to using, especially with the playing style underneath the chin.

3. Bassoon

This woodwind instrument is double-reeded, which creates a massive challenge for new players. It resembles a saxophone in the way it is held, but the instrument itself is shaped a lot like a bedpost. It needs all ten fingers to play it correctly.

4. Organ

Although the piano is challenging, the organ is even worse. Depending on the instrument, you could have up to six rows of keys to play simultaneously with foot pedals. Mastering the timing between the hands and feet takes lots of practice.

5. Harp

Although this ancient instrument is still quite popular for some musical genres, it can have up to 47 strings to manage. You must position your hands in the right spot to bring out the full resonance of each note. Some designs even require the management of up to seven pedals.

Have you mastered a challenging instrument? What was it like to learn how to play it?