These Sounds Help Define Romance Films

Movies are more than dialogue and pretty sets. The element that gets you into the mood and emotions of the piece involves the sounds.

A romance film goes from ordinary to extraordinary when you have a beautiful score ready for a love story. It shapes the narrative in ways that the actors cannot accomplish.

What is unique about the process is that different sounds can still produce the same results. Here are some examples.

1. The Shape of Water

In this movie, the concept of love gets captured within the sound effects as they’d move with water. You’ll hear heavy synths and atmospheres defining the music with a bit of vibrato that delivers the idea that you’re underwater without being there. 

2. La La Land

This movie takes a less than subtle approach to the idea of creating love. It narrates a story where acceptance, joy, and loss all fit in the same package. The goal of the overall composition and sound effects is to capture the emotions felt in a specific moment.

3. Brokeback Mountain

The strains of the guitar in this romance film set the stage for a rustic, natural experience for the viewer. It paints a picture of the western landscapes found in America while adding some tension that you can feel from the actors. The goal is to be epic and tender, showing that love can come from anywhere.

4. The Notebook

This romantic drama delivers a classic take on a piano melody with full orchestral accompaniment to produce the idea of love. It sets a relaxing stage where you want to cheer for the actors as they progress through the story. While this happens, you’re also thinking about moments in your life that relate.

The beautiful thing about movies is that the same story can cause many different emotions in different people. That’s why romance films are so popular. We can all feel the connection.