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5 Most Prestigious Orchestral Companies

One of today’s best experiences is to attend a symphony orchestra performance. As the instruments fill the stage and surround each listener, the music feels like it transports you to an alternative reality.

Although every musician, band, and orchestra brings something unique, some symphonies are better than others in the world today. If you want to listen to the best, these prestigious groups deliver incredible experiences with the most consistency.

1. Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

Based in Amsterdam, Queen Beatrix conferred the royal title to this group in 1988 because of its consistent greatness. It opened in 1888, closely associating itself with Gustav Mahler to champion many of the composer’s symphonies. Since its founding, only eight chief conductors have been part of the group, even with over 1,000 recordings to its credit.

2. Berlin Philharmonic

This orchestral company is known for creating a prestigious sound that speaks of virtuosity and character. It was founded in 1882 by 54 musicians, eventually evolving into a goodwill organization that developed school outreach opportunities.

3. Vienna Philharmonic

Founded in 1842, this orchestral company is one of the oldest continuously operating groups still playing today. It is such a prestigious group of musicians that anyone wanting to join must demonstrate their capabilities for three years.

4. London Symphony Orchestra

This orchestra company was founded in 1904, making it the oldest of those that perform in London. For about 30 years, the group was considered inferior to others in the city, but it recovered its leading position in the 1960s by performing alongside choral works.

5. Chicago Symphony Orchestra

The top American orchestral company on the list has a similar pedigree to the famous European groups. It was founded in 1891 by Theodore Thomas. Since then, the group has won 63 Grammy Awards, including several Classical Album of the Year designations.

If you can only attend one concert or performance during the year, buy tickets to one of these companies. You’ll receive a magical experience in return!