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4 Classical Composers Who Transformed Music

When we think about classical music, a few composers stand out from the rest of the pack. Many of us think of Bach and Beethoven when listening to that genre. Still, those two men were part of a more significant movement that changed the way humans thought about melodies, accompaniment, and musical theory.

If you want to take a deeper dive into classical music, these composers are the ones who transformed music in their era.

1. Joseph Haydn

Haydn’s works came to prominence at the conclusion of the Baroque era in classical music. The influences from the Bach family are prevalent in his concertos, with his most important work getting published in 1772 at the age of 40. Trauer Symphony No. 44 is a beautiful piece with haunting overtones.

2. Wolfgang Mozart

Mozart’s father paraded the six-year-old boy around Europe, showing off the young prodigy’s skills to whoever would listen or pay. Many of the compositions he would compose would have telltale influences of Bach and Haydn. His most important work is arguably Symphony No. 40 in G Minor, which was written in 1788.

3. George Gershwin

Although Gershwin died at a young age, his music continues to influence multiple genres today. He wanted to bring melodies with more life to them to concert halls, leading to the development of jazz, hip-hop, and modern theater. His incredible work called Rhapsody in Blue was published in 1924 when the composer was only 26.

4. Richard Wagner

Wagner did more than develop unique musical constructs and theories for his compositions. He also changed how we think about orchestral staging, architecture, conducting, and philosophy. In modern terms, this man was a rock star during his prime writing years. When he produced Lohengrin in 1842, he was only 29.

These classical composers changed the way we think about music today. Who are some of your favorite composers from this era?