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Top Schools for a Music Theory and Composition Degree

If you want to pursue a music theory and composition degree, it doesn’t take long to discover that some institutions are better than others.

Although you can study this subject at a local community college, your best bet is to apply to one of these colleges or universities.

1. Berklee College of Music

Although there aren’t many extracurricular activities at this institution, you’ll get to play music every day. It’s a direct educational experience that works to build on your creativity. It has five different programs to pursue, and the size makes it easier to get to know people. It doesn’t have a doctorate, but there is a certificate program if you want to find work right away.

2. University of Michigan

It might be a huge state school, but that also means you have lots of opportunities to find. You’ll get everything work placement options upon graduation, along with student teaching and lots of advisors who can offer practical advice. If you live in the state, this option is highly affordable.

3. DePaul University

If you want a lot of hands-on learning opportunities, attending this institution makes a lot of sense. Not only does it offer an alumni organization that gets actively involved, but you’ll also find networking events, internships, and job fairs available to pursue.

4. University of Rochester

This not-for-profit private university offers three programs to pursue. You can study up to the doctorate level for a reasonable price, and it’s one of the smallest institutions that offer music studies.

5. Florida State University

If you attend this institution, you’ll discover three degree programs from which to choose. You can work on undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral studies during your time here, obtaining a diverse education that helps you pursue the career you want.

These schools can help you pursue a career in music theory and composition. Whether you want to write soundtracks for video games or be a high school teacher, you’ll get started on the right foot.