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Notable Video Game Music Composers

When you think about the best video games you’ve ever played, they all share a few things in common.

The title had some fun gameplay components to it, there were challenges to face, and the soundtrack was incredible.

Here are some of the most notable names in the industry who have helped shape players’ experiences over the decades.

Who Are the Best Video Game Composers of All Time?

1. Yuzo Koshiro

Koshiro’s list of composition accomplishments is massive. He’s a self-taught artist who made “Street of Rage” become the iconic title it was with his 16-bit magic.

2. Koji Kondo

Although Kondo’s is often remembered for the music incorporated in the arcade version of “Punch-Out!,” the titles he has influenced over the years are like a top 10 list of the best video games ever released. He’s on Mario Party, Starfox, The Legend of Zelda, and Super Mario Brothers.

3. Jeremy Soule

With over 60 titles to his credit and growing, you’ve heard Soule’s work if you play lots of fantasy games. His best work is arguably on the Elder Scrolls series, where he handled the soundtrack for Skyrim.

4. Manami Matsumae

Although most people don’t know the name of this composition queen for video games, they’re familiar with her work. She’s the creative genius behind the Mega Man soundtrack. You’ve also heard her work on everything from Dragon Quest Swords to Carrier Air Wing.

5. Martin O’Donnell

If you’ve played anything from Bungie Studios, you’ve heard the work of this composer. He worked on the soundtrack for the Halo franchise before hopping over to the Destiny team to create inspired work there. When you hear his work in the game, you’d swear a symphony should play it.

What are some of your favorite video game tracks from over the years?