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Best Music Composition Software for Beginners

If you want to compose music at home, you’ll want to have some software available to help create a DAW workstation. Although you could theoretically turn on a microphone and record everything at once, having a tool that lets you manage individual tracks is quite helpful.

Picking your music composition software is a big decision. It takes some to get to know how it works, which means switching to a different title doesn’t happen often.

You’ll want something that can help get your work started right away while providing growth opportunities as you learn how to use it.

List of the Best Musical Composition Software Options

1. Garageband

Since this DAW comes standard with any macOS, it’s free to use. It allows you to produce everything from random drum tracks to compressed vocals with relative ease. It even lets you shift and arrange recorded tones for mastering and editing purposes.

2. FL Studio

If you use Windows as your operating system, consider grabbing this DAW for your recording needs. Once purchased, it delivers free updates for a lifetime. It has everything you need for pro-quality sounds, including a UI that scales to 8K across multiple displays.

3. Ableton Live

The navigation and design of this music composition software is straightforward, allowing you to quickly figure out what you want to do. You can capture sounds, use the Live feature to match your timing and tempo, and turn the melody into a loop. Several options exist for automatic updates that let you sculpt your sound into virtually anything.

4. Logic Pro

This system used to be considered an upgrade to Garageband. The difference is that you’ll get some extra features, like the option to incorporate iOS devices. Investing in Logic Pro X gives you access to 7,000 loops that are licensed so that you can distribute your arrangements commercially.

It takes some time to learn how to use a DAW. When you have one of these options available, at least the work will be lots of fun!